Welcome to the Politics Counter!

Our world is not as large as we once thought it was. It is comprised of countries and billions of people. These people have their own form of governments to govern, lead, and usher in a period of peace and prosperity. After all, is that not the goal of everyone?

If our history is anything to go by, this is not always the case. Governments have always made decisions that had far-reaching consequences for their constituents. What also happens is that those political policies end up having an impact upon neighboring and far flung countries.

This is why it is important to keep track of our collective journey and political policies.

Who are we?

We are a dedicated bunch of historians and individuals. We take it upon ourselves to keep track on political policies and their impact upon their own people and on other countries. We believe that in order to avoid making the same mistakes that the world has seen time and time again, we should look to our past.

The past is a great resource of wisdom and signs that should not be forgotten or dismissed. If the current state of the world’s politics is anything to go by, it seems that there are critical old world lessons that have been blatantly ignored or forgotten. We hope to change that one article at a time.

History is a great teacher—if people only bothered to learn from it. The people behind The Politics Counter carry this at the core of our being. We endeavor to build and collate articles that serve as great reminders of the political policies that have made shifts in the world.

We will not only be discussing old world political policies. We shall also be looking at policies as recent as the present month or the months that have recently gone by. Politics does not sleep. There are new developments all the time. This is why it is important that there be a handy collective of individuals who serve as watchers.

We may have our own political leanings but we assure you that this does not color our discussions in any way. We believe in taking a neutral path in discussing policies and reforms, along with their eventual consequences. This way, knowledge is gathered and presented in a way that is beneficial for everyone.

Reach Out

We also understand the importance of this task. We also understand that there are so many political reforms that have occurred through the history of humanity that we may end up skipping one era to another. If you believe that there is a particularly important political reform that we have missed, do get in touch with us.

You may reach us through 077-6067-3909. Our director, Hayden Banks is always on the ready to take your messages and requests for topics of discourse. Help us keep an eye out on important political reforms that will end up having a massive impact on several countries and their people.